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Thing you need to know in advance:

  • How Much Will You Charge Per Treatment (Minimum) You Should Consider, Your Location, Demographic, Brand Concept

  • How Many Treatments Will You Do Per Day? Or How Many Clients Per Technology Per Day?

  • How Many Days Per Month Will You Be Open (Average 6 Days Per Week Equals 26 Days/Month)?

  • Finally, Determine All Revenue Sources. What Will Generate Sales? Goods And Services.



We keep it simple for you. Consolidated technology, lowered cost, flexible start-up plan. You can grow into the business you want. Convert an existing business or open new. Open in as little time as 4 weeks and transition into the business of your choice as you grow.

  • The Table Below Includes More Technology (Machines) Then You Perhaps Might Start With.

  • Simply Fill In The Numbers In The Fields That Apply.

  • Delete The Numbers That Do Not Apply You.

  • This Software Auto Generate Your Customized Sales Forecast Or Revenue Model.

Monetization, Profitability & The Sales Forecast

Sales Forecast New Clients per Day New Clients Per Month Treatments Per Month Cost per Treatment Based on Below National Averages Gross Monthly Revenue
Photo Biotech PHOTO DERMATOLOGY - Anti Inflammatory/ immunity including acne 1 26 26 $99.99 $2,599.74
Photo Biotech RADIANT 4 Super Dermatology (IPL) (Photo Facial) 1 26 26 $275.00 $7,150.00
Photo Biotech PHOTO CORRECT 405 P.acne bacteria therapy (IPL Acne Treatments) 1 26 26 $149.99 $3,899.74
Photo Biotech Q100 - Tattoo Removal Epidermal/Dermal Lesions 1 26 26 $149.99 $3,899.74
Photo Biotech Hydra Dermatology (hydra facial extreme) 1 26 26 $99.99 $2,599.74
Photo Biotech TREBLE COMPLETE IV RF Bipolar Negative Pressure Anti-Aging 1 26 26 $349.99 $9,099.74
Photo Biotech MONGRAM RF Collagen Remodeling Therapy (45-minute power facelift) 1 26 26 $499.99 $12,999.74
Photo Biotech NUSkin Skin Resurfacing CO2 Fractional 1 26 26
Photo Biotech SPIDER Spider Vein Therapy (painless) 1 26 26 $349.99 $9,099.74
Photo Biotech PHOTOWAVE Hair Re-Growth Menopausal& Post Menopausal DHT Therapy 1 26 26 $199.99 $5,199.74
Photo Biotech Treble Anti-Cellulite Therapy 1 26 26 $499.99 $12,999.74
Photo Biotech LYMPH Lymphatic Dermal Detox Phototherapy 1 26 26 $149.99 $3,899.74
Photo Biotech PHOTO LIPO EXTREME 162 Fat Targeting 1 26 26 $199.99 $5,199.74
Photo Biotech ICE Cold Sculpting (Fat) 1 26 26 $699.99 $18,199.74
Photo Biotech Laser Hair Removal 1 26 26 $199.99 $5,199.74
Photo Biotech OPERA Feminine Health - Intimate Restructuring 1 26 26
Gross Monthly Revenue $102,046.62
Gross Annual Revenue $1,224,559.44
Monthly operating Cost $20,000.00
Annual Operating Cost $240,000.00
Net Monthly Profit pre-tax $82,046.62
Net Annual Profit pre-tax $984,559.44
Daily Sales Forecast $3,924.87

Quick Glossary

What is a Revenue Model?

A revenue model is a framework for generating financial income. It identifies which revenue source to pursue, what value to offer, how to price the value, and who pays for the value. It is a key component of a company's business model.

What is a Sales Forecast?

A sales forecast is an estimate of the quantity of goods and services you can realistically sell over the forecast period, the cost of the goods and services, and the estimated profit. Typically, this is done by: Making a list of the goods and services to be sold. Estimating of the number of each to be sold.

What is Break-Even?

Break-even (or break even), often abbreviated as B/E in finance, is the point of balance making neither a profit nor a loss. Any number below the break-even point constitutes a loss while any number above it shows a profit.

What is Working Capital?

Capital is another word for money and working capital is the money available to fund a company’s day-to-day operations – essentially, what you have to work with. Start -up working capital is cash in hand required until you break even or stop feeding the business.

What is Gross Profit?

Gross profit is the profit a company makes after deducting the costs associated with making and selling its products, or the costs associated with providing its services. Gross profit will appear on a company's income statement and can be calculated by subtracting the cost of goods sold (COGS) from revenue (sales). These figures can be found on a company's income statement.Gross profit may also be referred to as sales profit or gross income.

What is Net Profit?

Profit simply means the revenue that remains after expenses; it exists on several levels, depending on what types of costs are deducted from revenue. Net income, also known as net profit, is a single number, representing a specific type of profit. Net income is the renowned bottom line on a financial statement.

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